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The Good Doctor Reviews ‘Mr. Holmes’

Subtitled, “The only review that Chat gives two figs about.”

I haven’t been interested in anyone’s review of “Mr. Holmes,” preferring to just see the film myself and write my own. The exception, of course, is Dr. Mark Kermode, the most fantastically brilliant and marvelous film critic who does a radio show with Simon Mayo on BBC5 in between writing books and broadsheet articles.

You may get the impression that I am thoroughly enamored of the Good Doctor. You may be correct.

Kermode reviewed “Mr. Holmes” two weeks ago, but I feel like it’s time to post it here. There are light spoilers, so if you are trying to stay spoil-free, please don’t click play.

I really love the way he describes Sir Ian’s performance. Now, I’m extra excited.

The whole podcast of the Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review where he offered his impressions is actually just wonderful. There’s a┬ábit about strange reactions of pets to cinema, how Mark hates ‘Jurassic World’ and we get an great Kermodian rant about “Entourage,” including this most excellent quote: “In terms of its [Entourage’s] gender politics, ‘Human Centipede’ is more sensitive.”

Click here to listen to the whole shebang.

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