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The 2015 Annual Canonical Treasure Hunt Via JHWS

Dear friends,

I’ve tweeted and retweeted a bit about this, but I’ve been horribly lax about getting all of the deets in one place and whatnot.

From the flyer:

THE JOHN H WATSON SOCIETY PRESENTS The 2015 Annual Canonical Treasure Hunt THE JOHN H WATSON SOCIETY The Game is Afoot August 1—September 1 Individual and Team Competition

The John H Watson Society invites all Sherlockians, Holmesians, and Watsonians from around the world to participate in the 2015 John H Watson Society Canonical Treasure Hunt. In keeping with JHWS tradition, the 2015 Treasure Hunt will be a difficult and entertaining 100-question quiz designed to challenge your knowledge of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, and their greater world.

Win Prizes and International Bragging Rights

Find complete information at


Now, I for one am HIDEOUS at quizzes and games, but ScarletSherlock is an absolute dream! If you want to join our team, I will try not to bring us down while she raises the game for everyone. Tweet us or comment in the thread if you want to join in!