‘There is nothing like first-hand evidence:’ An Interview with Robert Hewitt Wolfe of ‘Elementary’

Elementary Title Card

After reading “Elementary” writer/producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe’s tweets one week during an episode of the show, I was powerfully compelled to reach out to him and get down to the nitty gritty. Obviously, ScarletSherlock and I had a slew of questions that could not be accommodated by Twitter’s draconian 140-character restriction. Well, he didn’t want to just email back and forth – he actually wanted to talk. On the phone! In 2015! It was rather refreshing.

Quick thumbnail background information: The brainchild of Robert Doherty, “Elementary” premiered in the United States on CBS on September 27, 2012. The show stars Jonny Lee Miller (“Hackers,” “Trainspotting”) and Lucy Liu (“Kill Bill,” “Charlie’s Angels”) and locates a contemporary Sherlock Holmes in contemporary New York City. Also features Girl!Watson and a turtle. The season finale airs on Thursday, May 14. At that point, it will have presented 72 episodes, more than any other television or film incarnation of Holmes. I interviewed Wolfe at the end of April, and I’m writing this article in advance of the showing, so there shall be no spoilers. Read More