Canon Read-Along!

Dear friends,

We’re going to start a Canon read-along, and we want you to join in! Whether you’ve read the Canon 14 times in order of publication (and three more times in “chronological” order, per Baring-Gould), or you’ve never read a single one, you are welcome and encouraged to join us!

(And frankly, if you’re brand new to the Canon, I’m thoroughly jealous and excited for you!)

We’re going to start with A Study in Scarlet, and break that bad boy into four sections with four “due dates.” I am going to create a sticky thread for our read-along so that people will know right where to go.

The first section (Chapters 1-3) will be due on Monday, July 6! Go here to post!

The second section (Chapters 4-7) will be due on Monday, July 20! Go here to post!

The third section (Part II, Chapters 1-3) will be due on Monday, August 3! Go here to post!

And finally, the fourth section (Part II, Chapters 4-7) will be due on Monday, August 17! Go here to post!

Ground rules:

1) In deference to people who may have not read STUD and don’t know the twisty-turnies, please don’t comment about a section before the due date. I know it’s a little bonkers to consider anything in the Canon “spoilers,” but let’s just be safe.

2) Please be considerate with respect to the … challenges … of this novel. Just bear in mind that this forum hosts a diverse membership, including folks of very different faiths. Have fun, go crazy, but remember that what’s presented in STUD can actually be very offensive to some.

The due dates are going to be posted on the Events calendar. Please feel free to react to the text, bring up questions, offer trivia, supplement the text with some interesting information, contribute relevant artwork or videos, etc.