Itty Bitty Bit of Possible Info on RDJ!Holmes 3

We’ve gotten precious little information about the phantom third “Sherlock Holmes” film in the Robert Downey Jr. franchise. I mean, we’ve gotten the casual “Oh yeah, I’d love to do it if I’m asked but I know nothing because Hollywood,” from Jude Law and whatnot, but here’s what I just stumbled across:

“[Film producer Lionel Wigram] said: ‘We’re working on it. I think we have a really good idea, a good concept for it, and we’re working on it with Robert and Susan and everybody. We’ve had many, many meetings and we have a really good writer who is engaged.'” ~ from Lionel Wigram teases’ new Sherlock Holmes film.

Is that “good writer” Drew Pearce? Wigram is later quoted as saying everyone’s working on trying to come up with a “fantastic” plot. Hmm. I suppose I appreciate that, but it sounds like a stock response.

Also, as I was looking to credit this article, I noticed that 1) there was no byline and 2) the “article” gave no context. Who was interviewing Wigram to get these quotes? Where was this happening? Context, anyone?? Well, turns out the exact same “article” appears on at least two websites, so I’m smelling a press release-type situation. Why is Wigram throwing out such lame, teasing information? Is anyone appeased by this? Or is it the simple fact that at least someone is actively talking about the possibility of a third movie?

Call me when Jude Law officially signs on. 😀