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Spoilers Ahoy!

Don’t look below if you are spoiler-phobic. I’m warning you. You’ve been warned.

We’ve got spoilers for Sherlock and Elementary! Again, if you want to be fresh and pure as driven snow, do not click. If you click, don’t cry hot Holmesian tears on my pillow when you are despoiled with spoilers.

CBS ‘Elementary’ Season 3 Episode 18 Spoilers for the episode airing on April 2. There’s whisper of romance and Uber-esque taxi service murder, though not together.

Sherlock Season 4 Release Date and Other Spoilerish Items – So, this title is misleading. The writer just says 2016. Awesome, thanks for that. There’s a little bit more about the tone of season 4 and some possible cast additions/eliminations.

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