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‘Sherlock’ Christmas Teaser Released at SDCC

It’s customary for TV shows and films to bring teasers or trailers to San Diego Comic Con in order to inflame audiences and (perhaps, more importantly) have a product that can go viral for the rest of the world who just couldn’t be at the con.

On Wednesday, Mark Gatiss tweeted there would be a surprise — it turned out to be a picture. I was rather less than impressed.

On Thursday, during the “Sherlock” panel (attended by Sue Vertue, Rupert Graves (Lestrade) and showrunner Steven Moffat), they debuted the following video:

A few thoughts:

1) I appreciate the obvious (to me) homage to the Granada series, courtesy of the opening shots and the score. When I saw the teaser pictures, my first thought was, “Oh, so they gave Cumberbatch Jeremy Brett’s hairdo.) Apparently, that was a just a clue. I think I like referencing of the Granada series, if only as it acknowledges how important that show was/is/will ever be to people.

2) That pipe, seriously? Benedict Cumberbatch looks like he’s going out on Halloween. Look, bless William Gillette’s heart, but that pipe looks plastic and goofy. I don’t want to laugh at Holmes, and that thing is not helping.

3) “Dismembered country squires” — did I hear that correctly? Did Holmes dispatch of his relatives in a Christmas-y sort of mass murder? Because he seems relatively cheerful about the whole situation. Um, what?

4) I appreciated the bit about everyone giving Watson lip over his writing. I mean, we know Holmes canonically expressed his miffed-ness over poor Watson’s scribbles, but to have Mrs. Hudson getting all sassy was pretty cute. Aw girl, we love you, even if Watson doesn’t give you a whole lot to do. You’re adorbs!

4)  I still don’t even know what to make of this episode. The costumes are lovely and the cinematography looks gorgeous. Una Stubbs is a kick in the pants. I’m sure Cumberbatch and Freeman will be excellent in terms of performances. But how in any realm of thinking does this fit within the series? This feels like fan service, or like someone’s Radix pedis diaboli dream. If it’s the latter, I’d hoped television had done away with this after the Dallas debacle. If it’s the former … well, that’s a conversation for the forum.

Here is the video Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott and Mark Gatiss sent to appease the masses since they couldn’t attend:

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