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Opening Day!

“Opening Day” for Art in the Blood will be this coming Friday, March 20, 2015.

You can currently sign up for an account, comment, start topics, and do just about everything else on the site, but we decided to have an official opening, as well. Prior to that date, and possibly right after as we adjust, please excuse our dust if we are slow in replying or ironing out bugs. We have tested just about everything but a live site with users is a lot different than us shouting into the abyss! If you encounter problems of any kind contact Le Chat Noir, Scotland Yard, or ScarletSherlock – we are here for you!

We chose March 20 for our opening as Watson says it was On 20 March 1888 when the King of Bohemia came to consult Sherlock Holmes about his affair with and blackmail by Irene Adler (“A Scandal in Bohemia”). There is an excellent timeline of the Sherlock Holmes canon over at Sherlock Peoria 



“I shall wear it on my watch chain in memory of the occasion.”

More details forthcoming about our opening events! Please join and spread the word. -SS