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“Once more unto the breach, dear friends”

Dear friends,

I am having a moment of déjà vu: Weren’t we just talking about respect?

I apologize for being slow to respond here; I was away in New York City on Sunday and am just now catching up. I was not delaying a response on purpose.

On behalf of ScarletSherlock and myself, we are fully in support of Ghost Bees and find the Baker Street Journal’s response to their concerns troubling at best. Identity is a vitally important concept and one that should be respected. Thanks to Google, anyone with an Internet connection can educate themselves about the social and cultural issues regarding identity and gendered pronouns. This is no longer a “secret” or hidden issue buried deep in the bowels of social media.

On Art in the Blood and our various social media platforms, respect is paramount. Willfully misgendering someone is not acceptable. When someone expresses a preferred name or pronoun, it’s not up for debate.

It is also absolutely appropriate for anyone (and everyone) to openly question and discuss the BSJ’s policies and the articles printed within. Even if it were a rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly journal with a diverse editorial board, the BSJ can and should be evaluated and re-evaluated. The contributors and editors should be pleased that the publication is sparking interest and debate. There are no sacred cows in my book (no pun intended).

I look forward to finding Ghost Bees’ work in The Watsonian, as I enjoy both their art and the publication itself very much.

Le Chat Noir

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      Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

      Dear friends, I am having a moment of déjà vu: Weren’t we just talking about respect? I apologize for being slow to respond here; I was away in New Yo
      [See the full post at: “Once more unto the breach, dear friends”]

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      I am confused by what started the issue here. How did a pronoun cause so much trouble?

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        Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

        When used with respect to a person, a pronoun can have great significance in terms of identity. Increasingly, the community at large (as in, the world, not Holmesiana) is becoming aware that many people care deeply about the concept of construction of “gender binaries.” They choose what pronouns reflect their identity and let people know how they’d prefer to be referenced.

        If someone asks to be referred to by “him,” “her,” “their” or a more unique variation like “zer,” it should be a little consequence to others to do so. It’s part of another person expressing their identity.

        If someone resists or rejects using the pronoun they’ve been asked to use, it’s rude, offensive, and just … odd to me. Making a mistake is just a mistake. But when it comes to pronouns and misgendering, it often seems to be less a mistake and more a conscious, deliberate act. The media is slowing coming to realize that misgendering trans* people in news reports is actually a serious problem.

        You can read far more nuanced and complex explanations on the Internet, but that’s basically it in a brief nutshell as I can explain it.

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          I get that and agree that everyone should be treated with respect in that regard, but I’m confused how the BSJ was disrespectful. Was it something in that article?

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            Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

            If you go click on the link embedded in “Ghost Bees” in my blog post, you’ll be taken to their explanation of the issue at hand as it relates to their experience as a contributor to the BSJ.

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