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New Year’s Day, or What is That On Watson’s Face?

sherlock-special-675x290Dear friends,

First, happy holidays if you have been celebrating anything at all! Happy December if you have not been involved in ritualistic festivities. 😉

Now, January 1 looms, and with it, the airing of Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. Though my dearest chum ScarletSherlock will likely not participate because she has awesome plans for New Year festivities, I,  your ever-faithful Snark Master Chat, will be there to Tweet it up.

Get your bevvies and your nibbles and cuddle up for some tweet-astic good times.

For those of us in the US, the special will air on 1/1/2016 on MASTERPIECE Mystery! on PBS at 9:00 p.m. ET, and simultaneously online at #Sherlock, #Abomidible — I think we can find each other. 😀

Because many folks won’t be around for New Year’s Day, and as we’ve got lovely international friends who might enjoy some tweeting too, we’ll schedule a second round of watching and tweeting. I may never be able to not comment on whatever is perching on Mr. Freeman’s upper lip.

Cheers for a most spectacular 2016!


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