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More on registration!

Dear friends,

So, we are having some issues with registration. Because, if things went smoothly, where would be the fun? *kicks WordPress* Here’s what’s up: People are getting error messages, but the contact forms seem to be coming in correctly. So, you need to wait until either ScarletSherlock or I see your form and then put you in as a user. The system is then SUPPOSED to shoot you an email with the temporary password. Again, it seems to be failing to do this.

1. The temporary password is SherlockHolmes for now. When in doubt, try to sign in with your user name and that.

2. I have submitted a question post to the support forum to try to figure out why this is happening. Everything “looks” okay on our end, but obviously it is not. Tiny Holmes in the banner must be angry with me for some reason.

3. I am actually going out of town today and will be away from my laptop until Sunday night! Lawd, help me. I will have internet access though, and ScarletSherlock is almost always online, so it’s not like we’re just abandoning everyone, but I will be a little out of pocket. When I get an answer regarding the error message and email issues, I will definitely let everyone know.

Please comment here if you’re having any additional issues. I will be monitoring everything as best as possible. You can also email us at I’ll be checking that as often as possible. Cheers! – Chat


additional message from ScarletSherlock: I’ll be around…basically forever. I’m at a Sherlockian Symposium in Dayton, Ohio this weekend so I’ll be checking in often! Please bear with us. We realize this process is a bear, but given the hacking issues that plagued HN from the beginning, we’re being a lot more militant. People are already posting in the forums with no issues once we’ve got them in, so hopefully as soon as this process is streamlined it’ll take off like gangbusters! I’ll be on twitter @Art_intheBlood and my own @HolmesBlazer too so you can yell at me and I’ll see it basically immediately (unless it’s 3 or 4 am, then it might be a couple hours. XD) .

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