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  • Vidocq posted an update 6 years, 2 months ago

    @scarletsherlock Hi Scarlet. I understand you are also a Hellblazer fan, are you reading that new DC Series? I was going to try it, but I barely could stomach Nick Necro and JLD, is it better?

    • Hi! I have only read one issue so far, but I’m a big fan of Ming Doyle so I really enjoyed it! I was okay with JLD, mainly because of the characters (I’ll read anything with Zatanna or Deadman in it), but Constantine’s own solo series was awful. As far as I can tell from the one issue I read, this is the “old” John. Much more recognizable than new 52 Constantine. They’ve given him his “bite” back, and I hope it continues to be quality! I usually wait for trades so I’ve only seen the one issue, but I was really impressed! What else do you read?