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Updates to AitB -
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Updates to AitB

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      Le Chat Noir

        Dear Sherlockian/Holmesian friends,

        I want to explain what can and will happen around here, because I think it’s easier to give a heads’ up rather than have something go wonky and everyone freak out (myself included at the forefront).

        Thus far, WordPress and its plugins seem to alert us when they are ready to be updated. Either ScarletSherlock or I go in and manually approve the update. This is really great because IF something goes wonky, we know exactly which lil rat bastard is mucking up the system. If it’s a simple as deactivating a plugin, then wham, bam, thank you Tiny Holmes.

        If it’s not a simple solution, that’s when things become a little sketchy. Because WordPress and said plugins are generally free, their creators aren’t usually in a hurry to come to one’s aid. That’s why it took me a while to get the email functions back on line. So far (knock on wood), they’ve been relatively responsive (especially the cats at bbPress — they rock!).

        Here’s where the cluster[redacted] may crop up: when WordPress does a major update, it may do that to us automatically. Things may get knocked askew. Of course, this will happen inevitably when I’m travelling abroad and ScarletSherlock is totally swamped in real life.

        This time around, we are way more plugged in to social media. If anything happens, we’ll let you know ASAP, particularly via Twitter and Facebook. So far, I am really pleased with the platform, the plug ins and the web hosting. It’s light years better than Invision and LiquidWeb. But since this is all still new, it’s challenging to anticipate how updates and such will go.

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          I just really love this platform so much. It’s so easy to read and as you said, update! It’s wonderful. And people can say what they like about social media; it keeps us connected in so many ways we never had access to, before. If we go down people will know instantly and know it’s not permanent.

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            Le Chat Noir

              I’m glad you like it too — I was so (surprisingly) resistant to the idea of a platform that wasn’t Invision, just because of the aesthetics. But I’ve definitely become super fond of this one and all the ever-changing bells-n-whistles.

              I definitely love social media for exactly what you’re describing. No more hysteria. Everyone can be totally chill.

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