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The Great Mouse Detective Read My Fanfic

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      Just re-remembered that time when I posted a fanfic for The Great Mouse Detective (don’t laugh at me) and the granddaughter of the guy who played Basil commented on it.

      Saskia Ingham-Jerrey chapter 1 . May 5, 2009

      I am the grandaughter of Barrie Ingham, the man who plays the voice of Basil in this film. He is sitting next to me now giggling that there are so many fanfictions about olivia and Watson but none actually about him. Since he is not amazing with computers he asked me to say that he thinks that this approach to what he was thinking is very intresting and says keep writing!

      Great fanfiction!

      Barrie Ingham and Saskia Ingham- Jerrey

      P.S you may not believe this to be true must you must believe us!

      So, that’s cool.


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      That is actually AAMAAAAAAZZZINNNG. Wow what a thing to treasure! I’m still not over Mr. Ingham’s death. He was a first Holmes for so many of us!

      Ps. I would totally read this story.

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      Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

      That is so sweet! I hope they didn’t get too far into the pit, because there are some seriously … challenging … Mouse Detective stories out there.
      Yes, I looked. I wanted to know. Yes, I was scarred for life. It’s the price one must pay, sometimes, to look into the abyss.
      Do you still have it posted? I’d like to take a look.

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      Yes! Mind, all my fan fiction was written when I was fifteen-ish? So, it’s a bit, you know, written by a fifteen-year-old. If you click on the word “fanfic” in my post, it will send you to the story.

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