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"Swords of Sorrow" featuring Irene Adler

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      Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

      Alright, kids, I was soooo out of the loop on this, I’m utterly ashamed. I should put myself in a corner and seriously think about WHAT I HAVE DONE.

      So, the magnificent Gail Simone (best known for her work on Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman, to me) is starting a new series called “Swords of Sorrow.” As I have been off my comic book game in the last year (I have excuses, but they are weak, so I’m not even going to attempt a justification), I didn’t really know anything about the book other than “Gail Simone.” Which is pretty much good enough to snap up a book knowing nothing else, but yes, I had little information.

      Turns out “Swords of Sorrow” is not only an awesome concept (a series about awesome women characters written by a crew of awesome women creators*), but it also features one MISS IRENE ADLER. Silent screaming, anyone?

      When I found this out (on the day the book was dropping?!), I called up my local comic book shop and asked them to pull a copy for me posthaste! I took it to dinner with me yesterday and read it with baited breath. I really liked it: Funny, smart writing from Simone; fast pacing; smoking hot art. Miss Adler only shows up in one panel, but it’s an excellent panel and promises SO MUCH MORE.
      Hello Miss Adler
      And I really, really, really appreciate that the editors/publishers/someone took pity on me and printed a list on the back cover of all the books in this series and when they would publish. I hate guessing games, so I actually made a vaguely inappropriate noise in the restaurant. Suffice it to say, my waiter was more interested in my comic book than my potential distress. Lovely service, son. Good job. 😀

      I got a chance to flail about on Twitter with @GailSimone and Leah Moore (a brilliant writer in her own right, who has written Comic Book!Holmes before and will write Adler later in this series). You can follow her at @leahmoore. As we see more of Adler (and we will, Simone says so!), I’m going to see if these amazing creators will entertain some questions. I urge you to visit your local comic book store and purchase “Swords of Sorrow” — the first issue and a prequel were available on Wednesday, 5/5.

      *Note: As a personal rule, I do not like to identify creators or characters by their sex/gender like this. In this case, however, I feel it’s an important detail.

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      I really think identifying female creators is important, especially in contexts like this. Because Gail Simone, GAIL SIMONE of all people, still gets a-holes on twitter giving her crap for daring to be a “girl” writing comics. And people try to school her on STUFF THAT SHE WROTE HERSELF. It’s so embarrassing and horrible. She always handles it with wit and good humor (I admire her restraint; I’d be snarling if people started preaching at me about my own characters) .

      Anyway, I love the art on this, I love Adler, I love Leah Moore!!!! I love Dejah Thoris and Red Sonja. I’M SO IN.

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        Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

        I think it’s that I don’t like writing (or saying) “female creator,” because they’re creators. Full stop. I certainly don’t say “male creators” casually. But as you wisely reaffirm for me, in this case, it is necessary. That is some hot fresh bullpoop that Gail Simone still gets that kind of attitude. How ridiculous. She does seem to handle it with grace and class, but I’m with you: I’m be slamming the door on someone trying to creep on me, Twitter-style.

        I’m getting a little hysterical about the next ish not coming out tomorrow. I’m not satisfied with the other books that dropping, popping and locking. I want this one and I’m going to whine about it for approximately 24 hours.

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      Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

      All right all right all right!

      So, being abroad and at Scintillation, I missed several “Swords of Sorrow” issues, and I KNEW I was going to miss the first issue of the Thoris/Adler mini! And lo, I did. So I went today to collect my loot. It was a mighty, mighty fine loot!

      I really can’t tell you anything about Ms. Adler because … spoilers. I think it’s worth it to actually get the books and read along, because I’m super, super excited about how/where this is going to go.

      What I can say:

      1. Leah Moore is a very exciting writer! I really enjoyed the Thoris/Adler issue in and of itself, not just because the adventuress was a key player. I thought it was fast-paced and witty.

      2. Moore’s Adler is a treat. She’s gorgeous, courtesy of artist Francesco Manna (with coloring by Inlight Studio). Here, take a gander:

      Miss Adler

      She’s smart, funny and not afraid to get her hands dirty:

      Adler in the Cab

      I like her, and I’m intrigued by her. There is a fun Canon nod, but mostly I have about 5 frillion questions, which is a great place to be at the beginning of a series. I wonder how much of the Canon will come to bear in her adventure. Now, to be sure, she’s currently been pulled out of Victorian England and into … another place … so it’s a little bit Canon/Shmanon, but I think it will be interesting in any case.

      End of story: I love reading about these smart, powerful, funny women. What a great ride! And tons of mystery (surrounding everyone, really) to keep me very engaged even when The Woman isn’t on the page.

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