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      Violet Hunter

        Greetings all, Violet Hunter at your service. *bows*

        I *think* I was Katharos Drakkina on the old forums, but since I was a member for all of two weeks in 2008, I’ll forgive you if you don’t remember me. πŸ˜‰ You might also know me as kathie_d on LJ… and I have various fanfic writing pseuds which I keep secret. πŸ˜›

        About me… I’m a scientific researcher by trade, in the field of physiology, so I love all things which connect Holmes and medical science. I once attempted to write a steampunky Holmes story in which he invents the field of molecular biology, but it got a bit lost when I started my PhD. πŸ˜› My favourite story is SOLI, because of all the feminist connections (and because I love cycling). My favourite Holmes is Jeremy Brett, but Clive Merrison will always be a very close second. His voice is like liquid gold, I love it. My favourite Watson is Jude Law. I thought he was just wonderful as a long-suffering Watson, and his costumes were lovely. I also have a very soft spot for the Russian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, although I think I don’t have the English subs for all of it, so I had to make up the dialogue as I watched! I was once a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, but it proved to be too expensive for me. πŸ™ I also used to be really active in the Holmes/Watson community, but sort of got scared off after BBC Sherlock was such a hit, and 99 % of the fic was modern (no hate for BBC Sherlock fans, it’s just not my bag baby!).

        What else? Errr… I believe Watson married twice, Holmes went to Cambridge, Adler is no love interest, and I have no preferred chronology.

        ScarletSherlock invited me here from the delightful capslock_holmes community on LJ. We are buddies across other fandoms too (LOKI!).

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        Le Chat Noir

          Welcome, welcome, welcome!

          I do so love capslock_holmes … we need more (moar?) or that sense of humor out and about in the world.

          You seem to be doing just fine posting and whatnot, but if you run into any trouble, just holler! We’re planning to do another tweet-along next Friday, though I know time differences are sucksville, but if you’re interested, we could make some adjustments?

          Cheers! πŸ˜€

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            HAAAAAAIIIII!! I’m so happy to see you here. HOLLAAAA for Clive Merrison. He’s so amazing. I have actually not seen any of either of the Russian Holmes shows because of the subtitles thing…I should look into that!!

            As someone who really doesn’t have much knowledge about the universities, what makes you pick Cambridge? I’m just curious and I have no horse in that race at all.

            *weeps over Loki*
            *waits 20 years for Tom Hiddleston to play Victorian-era Sherlock Holmes*

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              Haaaaaaiiiii! *waves*
              Jeremy Brett and Clive Merrison, yaaassss. Heh, I need to remember to try for both the Russian Holmes shows sometime, with subs! I hate watching characters speaking in another language and being unable to understand them!
              Cambridge… like Dorothy Sayers’ headcanon? Niiiice, I’m for Cambridge, too! And Watson being married twice (although I have massive feels about Mary having to die…). Irene, I have no problems with shipping in adaptations/pastiches, but I do agree, she’s not actually a canonical love interest.

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              Violet Hunter

                I dunno if I will make a tweet along… two reasons really. Reason 1. Friday night is Hannibal Night for me and the DH. 2. My twitter is mainly for science stuff, and various official twitter accounts follow me, and I… errr… yeah. πŸ˜‰ What are you watching though?

                I’m totally just biased on Cambridge, because I’m from there. πŸ˜‰ BUT, he did seem to know his way around in MISS very easily (which makes for an interesting read, all the villages miles away from the town which are just suburbs now), and was able to get a hold of the dog very quickly. Plus, his Uni buddy was from Norfolk, and it seems to me someone from Norfolk would be more likely to pick the more local Cambridge over Oxford. Also, Cambridge is known more as the ‘sciencey’ one (not in Victorian times arguably, but more like after we invented basically everything to do with DNA. BUT WHATEVER). As for college, I have no data. πŸ˜› I’ll say Emmanuel, again because I went there. πŸ˜‰ I also always read 3STU as being in Cambridge just because it’s easier to furnish a story with your own surroundings I guess.

                I’ve never read any Dorothy L. Sayers…. my bad! :O The Mary feels. Yes. Another thing I liked about the Iron Holmes, actually decent believable lovable Mary.

                Loving the SH22 icon, btw. πŸ˜€

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                    The time zones are probably pretty weird too. If you ever feel like you could jump in, let us know and we can try to adjust that. I’m sure I could stay up late. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I think we decided on The Great Mouse Detective for this time.

                    Thanks for that! I love that type of “headcanon.” Totally makes sense to me.

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                    @Violet Hunter: You went to Cambridge? Awesome! I don’t know very much about the school but it does look like a beautiful place. πŸ™‚ I haven’t really read any of Dorothy Sayers either; it’s just a factoid I picked up years ago (and I only recently read the original article, but it’d take a while to re-find the link).
                    Yeah, I love Kelly Reilly as Mary, and I love Amanda Abbington. Makes my heart so happy. <3
                    Re my icon: squee, thanks! I actually made it as cover art for a Beth playlist on 8tracks and downsized the image for my icon. πŸ˜€ I love making Beth edits and graphics.

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                    Violet Hunter

                      Cambridge is beautiful, but very very weird.

                      Did you guys watch Basil then? I wouldn’t have been able to join in anyway as there was an impromptu party at mine (I hide in the bath with a book).

                      Edit: Oh, I see you have scheduled it for next week. Well, that’s 2 am my time, so I may pass. πŸ˜‰

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