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Sherlockian Ebay Sale


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    Note: I am not the seller; I’m just passing this on because it may be of interest and it benefits someone who benefits other Sherlockians. I’m cutting and pasting some comments to describe what’s available.


    The items are split between Periapsis’s eBay account and Jonathan’s account, though proceeds from both will go directly to Periapsis.

    It’s mostly late 19th-century British scientific books with colored prints, on various scientific and biological topics, though there’s also the 3-volume Microcosm of London from 1904 that might be of particular interest.

    Jonathan Howard Katz is a brilliant young pianist who for a number of years has provided the musical entertainment at the Friends of Irene Adler Dinner in Cambridge. Jonathan has formed a piano and dance company, Periapsis, which is in need of funds. He is selling some donated books on eBay to raise funds for the troupe, and some of the books ought to be of great interest to Sherlockians.

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