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Sherlock Holmes, Jedi Knight?

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      Because, okay, who here would seriously have a problem with Sherlock Holmes having powers like telekinesis and twirling a blue lightsaber? Or… possibly a red one… ^.^
      My partner-in-crime, Ria (goes by the name LostWithoutMyDetective here), created a fusion crossover that put a young Holmes in the Star Wars universe, along with Moriarty, Watson, and Mrs. Hudson—although Moriarty was the only other character aside from Holmes, at that point, who’d actually kept his name! I created a tumblr post for the original ficlets.
      Well… I happen to adore crossovers. Seriously, my imagination thrives on them, and combining my current primary fandom with my “first love” fandom? Wow, I was all over that. So I asked her if I could continue the story with her, and she agreed, and now it’s a thing. I’ve really done way more art for it than writing, thus far, but you can find the art here, and the story on FFN and AO3.
      It’s a three-way crossover, technically: Sherlock Holmes/Star Wars/Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, because of Beth Lestrade (and Deirdre). The characters and events of Star Wars as we know them from the films do not exist in this ‘verse. Sherlock Holmes is a Jedi Knight, James Moriarty is a politician and his mentor, and most of the plot of the stories revolves around that relationship. An alien version of John Watson shows up, Beth Lestrade is also a Jedi Knight, Sebastian Moran is an army officer but never becomes a criminal, Mrs. Hudson is… not human, Mary Morstan is a literal queen, Irene Adler is a pop star-turned-smuggler just for the fun of it, and Kitty Winter is a Jedi Master. (Victor Trevor, Violet Hunter, Reginald Musgrave, Baron Gruner, Colonel James Moriarty, and Inspector Lestrade are all slated to appear, as well.)
      Is it crazy? Oh yes. Will I spend the rest of my life writing this crossover just like I probably will writing the Sherlock Holmes/Doctor Who crossover Ria and I have been doing for three years already? Probably. But I’m really excited about the stuff that we’re going to be doing. I’m really excited about the parallels between the movies and these stories (some characters are going to take up some familiar roles from the films, and who parallels who might end up surprising the audience).
      Of course, we weren’t the first people to have the idea of SH/SW, so to be fair, I’m going to list a few good fics:
      Elementary, My Dear Obi-Wan: normal crossover with a twist to one of the SH canon characters, Moriarty and Moran feature as antagonists, set pre-The Phantom Menace and pre-FINA.
      Refusing the Knighthood: BBC Sherlock fusion, just cute.
      Similarities: BBC Sherlock fusion-ish, frustratingly unfinished, involves Sherlock and John as Jedi Knights interacting with Obi-Wan and Anakin pre-Revenge of the Sith.
      Whispers in the Dark: BBC Sherlock fusion-ish, also unfinished and Sherlolly-flavored, set pre-The Force Awakens, excellent look at Molly Hooper as a Jedi.
      There Is No Death: BBC Sherlock fusion, set in the Old Republic video games era, gorgeous characterization and prose.
      So, anybody else down for this?

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