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        Okay I finally got through the entire season of Elementary (I am TOO OLD FOR THIS TO BE ON SO LATE) because Hulu now has all three seasons streaming! Yeaaah!!!

        We haven’t discussed Kitty’s arc much here. Those first thirteen episodes were so stellar it was almost like a separate season. I really think the writers and actors handled it all beautifully. Elementary has the habit of casting the person you’ve seen before in something else as the culprit, so as soon as I saw Stuart Townshend I knew he was Kitty’s attacker. They need to mix that up a little bit, because although I sometimes can’t get to the story arc until it’s revealed, the killer is always pretty obvious. And why is it always a murder? Can’t we throw in a robbery or a blackmail where nobody dies? I’m really satisfied with all the rest of the show, I just wish they’d mix up the crimes a bit.

        As for Kitty – omg, I sincerely think Ophelia Lovibond deserves an award. That was one of the most nuanced portrayals of a violence survivor I’ve ever seen. I grew to genuinely care about her; I loved Watson’s one line about how she and Holmes are not Kitty’s parents, but they really do take on that role, don’t they? Kitty’s last scene, where she tells Holmes she loves him – I cried, not gonna lie. I would totally watch a Kitty Winter spin-off and love every second of it.

        There’s so much canon in all of these episodes too. Whether it’s just a throwaway line or a red herring like “Simon de Merville” – every time it happens I squee. I love it.

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