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Itty Bitty Bit of Possible Info on RDJ!Holmes 3

Art in the Blood Forums General Discussion Covent Garden Film “Sherlock Holmes,” starring Robert Downey Jr. Itty Bitty Bit of Possible Info on RDJ!Holmes 3

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      Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

      We’ve gotten precious little information about the phantom third “Sherlock Holmes” film in the Robert Downey Jr. franchise. I mean, we’ve gotten the c
      [See the full post at: Itty Bitty Bit of Possible Info on RDJ!Holmes 3]

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      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Probably waiting for RDJ to clear his stupid Iron Man schedule. Heck with that. Just have the movie be about Watson. LOL

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      Haha! Curiouser and curiouser! Hmm! Well, I’m sure it will happen eventually. I don’t see them giving up a chance at making money, so something has to happen. Hopefully. Possibly. It better! ScarletSherlock is probably right, though, about it being about RDJ’s schedule. And maybe they are also having writing issues. Hmm.

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      Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

      I’m with you, SS: Chuck Holmes and make this a Watson-fest of epic proportions!

      And NoirAlice, I agree — money talks. The first two movies were financially successful as far as I know, so they wouldn’t pass up a chance to make more coin.

      You know, as far as plot goes, I’m not even sure what would constitute “fantastic” to me. I guess I can think of Canon stories I particularly like, but that would maybe seem like an emo let down after the whole Reichenbach Falls business in the last movie.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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