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How do you identify? -
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How do you identify?

Art in the Blood Forums General Discussion St. James’s Hall How do you identify?

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        This topic is mostly for my own curiosity, but I’d love to hear opinions.

        At the top of our home page, it says “For all things Sherlockian and Holmesian.” Do you think there is a difference?

        Years ago when I was first getting into all of this it was my understanding that most folks in the UK preferred “Holmesian” while “Sherlockian” was a thing started by us yanks. My own personal preference was always “Holmesian” because I have never been able to use that familiarity regarding Sherlock Holmes. Recent adaptations have both Holmes and Watson calling each other by first name; despite the modern conventions and our society’s overwhelming tendency to erase formality, it grates on my ears. As much as I enjoy an adaptation I will never, ever get used to them using first names.

        But that is my own preference, of course. How do you feel about it? I have also noticed a recent tendency by fans of Sherlock, and exclusively Sherlock only, to refer to themselves as “Sherlockians.” This is totally harmless but can get a bit confusing, especially if you use all these terms interchangeably. Recently at an event I was mistaken, by a very well-meaning person, for a “Sherlockian.” Or, as she later said (and forgive me), a “Cumberbitch.” I am actually a bit horrified by the use of the latter term and I don’t think Benedict is all that fond of it either. This person mistook me for younger than I am and assumed I’d come to the event and had broken into the Holmesian world through Sherlock, which is obviously quite untrue. I was not offended; in fact I was rather amused, but it did begin to make me ponder the way I refer to myself. I’ve noticed I’m using “Holmesian” a bit more online now and have stopped using the two terms interchangeably.

        I know this is confusing and definitely a YMMV thing, but how do you feel about it? Are there even more terms I’m unaware of? Downeyians? I have noticed some Elementary fans using “Deductioneers” and I’m not fond of that at all.

        In the end we are all fans, of course. I’d just enjoy a hot sports opinion. 🙂

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          Mm, my impression was always that Sherlockian was American and Holmesian was British/probably-the-rest-of-the-world. Since I often refer to the Great Detective by his full name or his first name, being American and Sherlockian is just fine with me. 😀 Maybe things have blurred a bit, though, with the advent of Sherlock?
          Yeah… that Benedict Cumberbatch fan term really caught on, didn’t it? Personally prefer his own invention, the “Cumber Collective”. Pretty cute. 🙂
          In that same vein, there’s also “Brettian,” which has the overlap of Jeremy Brett fan/Granada Holmes fan.
          Anyway, I do prefer “Sherlockian,” although I’ll use “Holmesian” when speaking of British fans—it just seems proper. But I just like the sound of “Sherlockian”—something about it just appeals to me.

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          Violet Hunter

            Yeah, I always thought Sherlockian was what the Americans called themselves. Being a Brit, it’s Holmesian for me! But I’ve always been pretty awful at pronouncing words when I first encounter them written down. So I often say it Holmes-neees-ian. I dunno, I can’t talk proper, like.

            I’ve never watched Elementary, and so never heard Deductioneer, but it is adorable and I love it. I might start referring to myself by it. I want a sign for my door. VIOLET HUNTER. DEDUCTIONEER.

            Cumberbitches? I dunno. While not a fan of referring to women as ‘bitches’, you have to admit, it’s got a certain ring to it! It’s kinda cool how Bandersnatch Clumberhop (sorry) has accumulated such a cult following, and definitely his fans need a name of their own separate from ‘Sherlockian’, which to me more means someone associated with the Baker Street Irregulars in some way.

            Do you know what though? I don’t like it when people think that I came into Holmesian fandom through Sherlock, or even through Granada. It does seem a bit of a silly ‘holier than thou’ ‘liked it before it was cool’ viewpoint, but eh. Emotions. What can you do, eh?

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              HEYYYYY THERE!!! Nice to see you here!!

              Yeah I just threw this question out because I’ve seen it floating around a lot of places. VIOLET HUNTER, DEDUCTIONEER is very very cute. I am a massive Elementary freak but I’ve really only seen that floating around on Twitter, which I guess is an odd place to try and use identifiers, anyway.

              I’ve really only seen “Cumberbitches” in a negative connotation – usually stupid “articles” condescending to female fans and fandom, so I’m not really a fan of it. If I saw more people taking it back and using it positively, I might change my mind. But it really seems very “Oh look at these hormone addled WOMEN and how they are ruining everything” to me.

              I bristle at all of that too. Luckily I think it’s getting better but when I was a young woman it used to be really hard to attend a Holmesian event without at least one person asking if I was attending because I found Brett attractive. I was beyond head-over-heels in love with Cushing and Rathbone at those very times (and always), but that’s neither here nor there. I don’t care how a person comes to Holmes or what their favorite film version is. Everybody jumps in somehow, and I hope they all love the Canon as much as we all do, cause if not they’re just missing out.

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              Violet Hunter

                Oh, really? I assumed it was something the fans must have made up themselves. :-/ If it’s not, then screw idiots who use it! As if there’s something wrong with being a fan of Benzedrine Cucumberpits (look I can’t NOT ok!!). Yes, yes, we women are serial ruiners, look how we do terrible things like invent the whole genre of sci-fi etc etc, we have nothing to contribute I’m sure.

                I actually can’t remember if I’ve seen Cushing’s Holmes. I MUST have done, surely? I did see it on blue-ray the other day, and thought of you. I regret not picking it up now…

                PS: Brett is attractive though. I mean, that’s just a bonus. ^^ The few times I went to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London though I never had any treatment like that. They were just happy to see a new face who loved Holmes!

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                  There have been a couple of SUPER GROSS articles like THIS ONE that I have just found so condescending and vile. Somebody who is a bigger fan of Butawhiteboy Cantbekhan (I’m sorry, that one makes me just die laughing) told me at a con that Cucumberpatch is not real fond of it either. I guess he thought “Cumbercookies” was cute but his suggestion was “Cumbercollective.” I kinda wish the fans WOULD take it back and storm the trenches with it, but if the man himself is uncomfortable with it, I get that too.

                  Oh man, I hope so! There’s the 1959 HOUND with Cushing as Holmes and Lee as Henry Baskerville, then there’s a 60s TV series with Cushing as Holmes. It was one of those that the BBC unfortunately decided was one they’d like to destroy, so there are only about 6 episodes remaining out of 30 or so episodes. If you’ve ever seen Douglas Wilmer as Holmes – it was a continuation of that series with the same Watson, Nigel Stock, but Wilmer wanted to leave so they asked Cushing.

                  That is FANTASTIC. I no longer have that issue, but when I was about 18-19 years old, I got some weird crap a few times.

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