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Holmes and Children

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    Hullo! Not sure if I ought to post this here, but…

    I saw the following post on Tumblr and it got me thinking:

    i’m sure sherlock would be amazing with children though, he’d just treat them as adults and they’d adore him and john would stand back and just smile at the sight of a kid asking sherlock about something and sherlock patiently answering their questions

    There’s a scene from… I think it’s The Resident Patient… in which Holmes (played by Jeremy Brett) is walking through the street and helps up that kid who fell? The short snippet always made me think Holmes would be rather good with children. I think Holmes would appreciate kids’ general lack of bullshit, which he deals with in spades from stupid adults, and would, yeah, be very patient. Kids are more receptive and observant, and I think he’d enjoy mentoring them and teaching them how to fill their uncluttered “attics.” He’d be aware of their abilities and wouldn’t patronize them because he doesn’t have a false ego based on age. There’s a reason he entrusts the Irregulars.

    What do you think? Anything in the Canon about Holmes and children, other than the Irregulars?


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    I always thought he would be too. Nothing like wanting kids of his own, of course, but his interactions with Billy & the Irregulars especially convince me that he’d be a guy kids thought was cool. There’s a whole film called Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars with Jonathan Pryce that looks at this in-depth. It’s not a super great movie but the Irregulars are pretty cute. IIRC Jonny Lee Miller has done some good work with kids once or twice on Elementary, too.

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