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Hiiii! -
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        I didn’t realize at first that AitB was the resurrection of Holmesian.Net—that’s FANTASTIC! Tumblr is great, but talking with other Sherlockians/Holmesians there isn’t the same as having a proper forum for it!
        So, I’ve been a Sherlockian for five years now, almost. Met my best friend on FanFiction.Net over the Sherlockian novel I was working on at the time (which has been in development hell since, pending a huge rewrite). I published one small book with MX Publishing, Sherlock Holmes: Have Yourself a Chaotic Little Christmas, under the penname Gwendolyn Frame, back when I was still going for anonymity. Having gone through college and trying to find work as a graphic designer, I’ve pretty much scrapped the anonymity, but I’m stuck with the penname!
        I still write (and read) quite a lot of Sherlock Holmes stuff, and my screen-name comes from my Sherlockian OTP “Sherbeth” (Sherlock Holmes/Beth Lestrade, from Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century).
        Really excited to be here!

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        Le Chat Noir

          Welcome, welcome!

          I do love that you’re an aficionado of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century! I’ll have to go find my old copies and have a little re-watch party– I haven’t seen it in ages — so I can properly discuss them with you.

          And thank you so much for explaining your user name! I was struggling so hard as I was putting your information in … I kept coming back to you being a fan of sherbet, and I actually love sherbet, so I thought maybe we’d have that in common. I didn’t even give poor Beth Lestrade a passing thought!


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            Welcome!!! I actually just got SH in the 22nd Century on dvd – I’ve never seen it, if you can believe that! Though I do know the theme song. XD XD

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              Hi, yay! I’m actually about to embark on a rewatch of SH22 that will introduce it to my younger siblings—my youngest brother, in particular, is just the right age for it. =)
              Hee, I do like sherbet, and that’s not the first time that mistake has happened! 😀 Think of my name as being kind of like “Sherlocked”—Sherbethed, heh.
              It’d be so nice to discuss SH22 more! There’s an itty-bitty fandom on Tumblr, but it’d be nice to do it in a forum setting! 🙂 (And Granada and Sherlock and canon and everything, but I’m just especially excited about SH22 ‘cos the fandom there is small.)

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                Le Chat Noir

                  There used to be a few people on LiveJournal who liked SH22 and wrote a bit of fic, but that was it. And that was ages and decades ago.

                  I just looked, and we suuuuck — there is no place to discuss animation! I’ll go right this wrong asap. That’s just dumb-bells.

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                  Yeah, I’ve snapped up every last morsel of fic that’s available out there, I’m pretty sure!
                  Ooo, cool beans! (You don’t suck—this place is lovely! 🙂 )

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                    I LOVE Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century!!! I believe Scarlet and I have chatted about this ages ago! And welcome to the forum, pleasure to meet you. I study have a book with MX. “The Real Sherlock Holmes. But it would bore you, Lol.

                    “Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century,
                    Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century,
                    Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century,
                    Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century….”

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                      Hi, thank you, nice to meet you! I’ve definitely heard about you and your book—I may have to check it out sometime! 🙂
                      Yay, great to meet another SH22 fan!

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