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Hello Everyone! -
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Hello Everyone!

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        Pleasure to be here, I’m thrilled that Holmesian.net has been resurrected and reinvented! My name is Joe Riggs, I am a professional Mentalist/Deductionist. I make my living reading people and displaying deductional and observational skills for audiences, groups etc. I am a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fanatic and owe everything I have to Holmes. My life and skills were recently profiled in the amazing new book “The Great Detective” by Zach Dundas. That’s about it for me, I am excited to discuss all things Sherlock Holmes and look forward to all of your amazing insights and commentary! Thank you.

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        Le Chat Noir

          Welcome! Were you a member of HN? I apologize if I don’t recognize you. πŸ™ Regardless, we are back from the ashes like the Phoenix. So cheers! πŸ˜€

          We’re planning for some film/TV tweet-alongs and a Canon read-along in the near future, so please do check the events calendar. The Canon read is going to start next week (God willing!) and be primarily based here on the site.

          Have fun posting! Let me know if you have any technical difficulties!

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              Thank you! I was not a member actually, I heard great things about the site and it was gone when I went to join. So I missed it. Very excited to hear about the coming events you spoke of. Sounds wonderful, see you there.

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              Hi!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

              I just got that book from the library and saw your name in the index! How exciting.

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                Yes, I’m over the moon about it!!!
                He did a whole section about my life and my work etc. Deeply, deeply honored! Thanks for the kind words. Long time ago talk! πŸ˜‰

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