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Hello all! -
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Hello all!

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      My name is David. I have a degree in theatre, and was lucky enough to say that I worked professionally for 2 years doing just that in the theatre I grew up in. I’ve done more shows than I can count at this point. I also write/sing/play my own music, I’ve been a musician most of my life as well. I love comic books, video games, and an evening of karaoke with friends. In 2013 I was afforded the opportunity to play Holmes onstage in a production of “Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily”. A couple months after the show finished, I had the idea for my project, “I Am Lost Without My Boswell”. That ultimately brings me to today, and sites such as this one. Feel free to drop me a message if you’re so inclined!

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      Nice to meet a fellow actor! Now, that’s a role of a lifetime. You sound great in I Am Lost Without My Boswell. Welcome to the site!


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      Le Chat Noir

        Welcome, welcome!

        I love comic books too. Do you have a favorite? I know that’s like picking a child, so you can have several favorites in my book. 😉

        I can’t wait to listen to your project — I think it’s such a fantastic idea! I really do love the way that technology makes it possible for actors from all of the world can participate.


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          Hands down favorite is Batman, but right now I’m also reading just about every other Bat-family title, as well as Chew, and the Unwritten. I’m also reading the latest in the Dynamite series of Sherlock Holmes comics, their latest effort being “Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini”. I used to read a lot more, but I’ve had to go through several phases of cutting back on the amount I was reading.

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          Welcome!!! “I AM Lost Without My Boswell” is SUCH a cool project. Look forward to hearing about updates!
          Oh you like comics! You fit in well here! I’m a huge DC nerd but I read like, everything.

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            I’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop about major updates 🙂

      Viewing 3 reply threads
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