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George Boole = Professor Moriarty Y/Y? -
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George Boole = Professor Moriarty Y/Y?

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      Le Chat Noir

        It’s not even that I’m fully persuaded by the argument. I’m just completely in love with the drive these folks have to get everyone to know who George
        [See the full post at: George Boole = Professor Moriarty Y/Y?]

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          OH heck yeah!! That sounds incredible. BRB reading everything about George Boole

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          Violet Hunter

            I always got the impression that Moriarty was made a professor super super young. Boole was appointed aged 34. That’s some strong work!! Goddamn overachievers! I think I might be visiting Cork sometime next year (DH will go work there for a bit) so I’ll have to visit his grave. The story about his death though…

            “One day in 1864, Boole walked two miles in the drenching rain and lectured wearing his wet clothes. He soon became ill, developing a severe cold and high fever. As his wife believed that remedies should resemble their cause, she put her husband to bed and poured buckets of water over him – the wet having brought on his illness. Boole’s condition worsened and on 8 December 1864, he died of fever-induced pleural effusion.”

            That…… is just………. what. Poor guy.

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