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Ebooks vs Books. -
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Ebooks vs Books.

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        So do you like the ones and zeros or the dead trees? Or a combination of both?

        On the one hand, I live in Honduras, and it’s hard for me to get the latest books in time, there are authors I like, such as Ian Rankin and Val Mcdermid, whose books I never see in local book stores, while some times I have trouble finding the books I want to because they fly off the shelves, I still can’t find a damn paperback of A Game of Thrones and it took ages to get The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and just forget about being able to read comics. On the other… books don’t disappear with the screen.

        I was a big proponent of ebooks for quite a while, specially because I had so many books that I was starting to run out of space and after I was done with them most just sat there, gathering dust. I honestly sort of lost the will to read as much as I did before because carrying books around, or having to make time to read was starting to feel like a drag in between everything else I had to do, so I got myself an ebook reader, a cheap used e-ink reader for about $30… and I was reading again, If I was in a line or waiting for take out, I would just pop it out and maybe read a chapter while I waited. It became my ”Check twitter real quick”. I was even updating my goodreads, because I had too many books to keep track of, I was happy. And then the damn thing broke. And all of my books are lost and I hate ebooks now.

        I had to dig up a box I had hidden in my closet with all of the books I didn’t sell to find an old hardcover of STUD in spanish that I got years ago in order to continue with the re-read.

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          I’m totally both. As a librarian, I don’t care how someone reads something; I’m just happy they read it. I tend to read a lot of stuff on e-book, and I buy hard copies of things I actually want to own, that I know I’ll re-read. I am also running out of space, so e-books are becoming more and more important to me. I also work at a library, so I have access to a lot of books I wouldn’t normally be able to get.

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          Le Chat Noir

            This is a great, great question.

            I’m certainly a mix. If the book is rare, or collectible in some way, or just really beautiful, I’ll buy it. When I was on vacation, I stopped in a used book store and found an edition of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes that had a really pretty jacket I’d never seen. I didn’t hesitate to buy it. I collect cookbooks, so I’m predisposed to buy hard copies of those.

            I definitely buy comic books hard copy, too, but I have bought e-copies a few times (for special occasions).

            Otherwise, I’m 100% e-book. Like ScarletSherlock said, I’m absolutely out of space. I don’t have room to put up another bookshelf. The game is over! Good night, Irene (Adler)! So I absolutely treasure my Kindle, and take it everywhere with me. Like you, I love being able to pull it out if I’m waiting for a doctor or hanging out in an airport. It has increased my reading habit, certainly.

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            Violet Hunter

              I’m a mix of both. I have to take the train a lot, and the Kindle really is a godsend. At the moment I’m reading a textbook, and I just wouldn’t be able to lug that thing around with me… whereas the pdf was free online as it was an out of date version. Also, Guttenberg project, omgosh free literature. Free literature EVERYWHERE. The Kindle is also great for downloading fanfic (A03 have a spiffy little button that instantly lets you download an ebook format), and for reading papers (likewise pubmed has an instant ebook button). I used to have an old Kindle with a keyboard which was really great when I was proof-reading a novel, because you could so easily add comments. I also have an e version of my thesis on there, so I can very quickly find whatever data I need with the search function. And of course, this is without mentioning the wealth of awesome (and some awful) self published fanfic that’s available on Kindle.

              But for the curling up with a hot choccie and a novel you just can’t beat a good old paperback. You’ll get a crick in the neck/hand trying to read it lying down in bed (you KNOW what I’m talking about), but that’s part of the charm. Plus, Amazon can never take away your paperbacks. Or decide that they are suddenly banned or ‘adult’ because they are by a gay author or whatever. I also don’t like that feeling of being locked into using Amazon because I own a Kindle. I’ve backed up most my ebooks with Calibre, but it doesn’t work with ones covered by Amazon’s DRM.

              And comics. I collect single issues, so for me, they’ve got to be dead tree format. 😀

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                I like that we are all diverse in our reading materials. 🙂

                I use Comixology on Kindle sometimes! It’s a little weird not to have the paper comic right in front of you but you can blow up the panels bigger, and the colors are fantastic. I use that a lot if I want to try out a new title & I’m not sure I’ll like it.

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                  I’m leaning towards ebooks these days because it takes almost no space. My phone and/or e-reader can store hundreds and thousands of books.

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