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    This is off topic in relation to Sherlock Holmes, but is about MY actual favorite Sherlock Holmes, Peter Cushing.

    A really great article by the super L.M. Myles about Cushing’s space movies – primarily Star Wars, of course, but also his outing as Doctor Who and quite a few others. I think she likes Cushing as much as I do, which is a rare and beautiful thing now. I’m not talking about fans – he has lots of those. But those people who he inspires and moves with every role.

    In fact, here’s her closing, because it’s perfect:

    “There’s an energy to his performances, an intensity that implies he’s fully committed to each part, leaving his work feeling fresh and relevant decades later. He always gives the very best he can, and never suggests that he considers a production second–rate. All else may be falling to pieces, but Peter Cushing brings humanity, intelligence, and vigor to his every scene. And when all else is wonderful, well, then Peter Cushing just makes it quite, quite magical.”

    "My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know." BLUE

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