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Chat Abroad 2015


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      Le Chat NoirLe Chat Noir

      Dear friends,

      As is my wont, I’m leaving the country for two weeks. I will have intermittent Internet access, but I should be available almost every day. ScarletSherlock will be able to handle everything just fine though, so no worries!!!

      If you’d like, you can follow my adventures across Italy via my Tumblr account: I am going to Naples, so there is a legitimate Holmesian connection! If there’s anything of real Holmesian interest, I’ll make a post here when I get back.

      I’m knocking on wood that there will be no major issues whilst I’m frolicking about the countryside, but if there are, please be patient, and we’ll get everything sorted as soon as possible.


      ETA: 6/10/15 Am home. Am seriously jet-lagged. Want to die. Will let cat eat corpse. 😀

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