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      Le Chat Noir

        Dear friends,

        I’ve created an Amazon store for all of your shopping needs! As an affiliate, we will get a small percentage for purchases you make via our store. If you would already be shopping on Amazon, please consider going through us. I hope it’s a non-invasive way to help offset the costs of hosting and maintaining AitB. Here’s the link: http://astore.amazon.com/artintheblo-20, or just click HERE

        Thanks in advance for your support! I’ve never done this before, so if anyone has any tips or whatnot, feel free to shoot ’em at me.

        ETA: So, upon inspection, it looks like it might be easier to shop via the wee widget at the bottom of the page. You can search for stuff and then be linked to Amazon in a different window. I believe you will see a dark grey bar at the top of the page, indicating that you are shopping via our affiliation. The store is a little bit stranger, but I’m working on it.

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          This is brill! I buy enough stuff from Amazon, so…

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            That is a great idea!

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            Le Chat Noir

              Aw, y’all be so sweet. πŸ˜€

              I don’t want to do anything with big ads or popups, because that’s just unclean. I’d rather never be forced to ask for donations, unless my house burns to the ground and I have nothing left but the clothes on my back. So I’m keeping my eye out for little ways to be as self-sustaining as possible without compromising my integrity or the site’s aesthetic.

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                Girl if your house burned down I would drive up there and GET YOU (if your momma didn’t first!). Especially after both you and Cion were so kind to my dad. πŸ™‚ That’s exactly the type of emergency I can get behind – not “omg I’m a poor student and I can’t get to a convention.” Which Tumblr thinks is perfectly okay.

                SORRY, TANGENT. anyways, buy stufffffffffffff

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                  Le Chat Noir

                    Oh I am SO SORRY for that stupid cliche. That was totally off the cuff and utterly thoughtless. Yikes. You know exactly what that’s like for real. Mea culpa.

                    But yeah, no one is going to be doing a GoFundMe on AitB, unless there is a real emergency.

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                    Pfffft it’s okay. If I walked around being “triggered” by stuff I’d never leave my house. Besides that Pa is happier than ever in his life with a warm home and a warm puppy and a GIRLFRIEND and I am rocking in the corner laughing!!

                    But the little Tumblr girls who do waste Kickstarter on “help me make a costume” or whatever do drive me up the road. Please consider what that stuff was actually made for in the first place. A lot of us were poor college students once and didn’t beg for money to do expensive things.

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                      Remember that H.net had like mugs and stuff with the banner artwork for sale in an online store? Are any of those still avalaible? I kept putting off buying one until the site fell.

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                        Le Chat Noir

                          Oh, so what you’re saying is that YOU jinxed us, huh!?!

                          Just kidding!

                          I could definitely do that again, and will do that. What I need, though, is someone to help me improve the digital images I have of the artwork. That’s beyond my small technical skill set. Like, way beyond. But to have stuff come out nice, the resolution has to be better.

                          Thanks for the merchandising vote of confidence! πŸ˜€

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                        Le Chat Noir

                          OH HEAVENS!

                          I’m sorry to report this, but apparently, Amazon is quite the scheming, deceiving trickster company! Until I get this completely sorted, I’ve taken off the widget.

                          Please, please do not use Amazon with any intention to help AitB (at least for the moment). I will offer more details as soon as I’m able — I’m giving Amazon a chance to redeem themselves. I don’t see this happening, but I feel that, in the spirit of fair play, they should have the chance.

                          ETA: Chance has been given, and response has been deemed unsatisfactory! 😈 I’m completely disappointed in Amazon’s customer service — their handling of my questions and concerns has been abysmal. I’ve been a loyal Amazon customer in my private life, and I’ve overlooked reports of Amazon’s shady practices, but they’re really showed their asses on this one. That’s really why I’m severing our relationship with Amazon — I do not cotton to being deceived, being misled and then being treated like I am ignorant and incapable of recognizing when someone is obfuscating.

                          Here’s what you need to know if you 1) have a website and 2) are considering becoming an Amazon Associate. Everything looks kosher on the surface: You set up an account, you put a widget on your site and/or specific links on your page. People go in via those portals, buy merch, and the Associate gets a small percentage, called an “advertising fee.” They spell out a few cases in which you (the Associate) aren’t eligible to receive fees, but it seems clear.

                          As an experiment, I asked someone go and make a few purchases they’d been planning to make via the widget here, so I could see how the system worked. My account reflected their purchases, and I kept waiting to see if earnings appear. When they didn’t (after a few days), I contacted Amazon to find out what was up. This is when it all when to hell in a hand basket.

                          This is a snippet from the longer email I finally sent them:
                          “Two customer service representatives wrote that I cannot earn fees off of buyers who have a “relationship” to me. When I asked for clarification, I got another cut and pasted answer. With incorrect grammar, mind you. If you are going to cut and paste, at least pretend like you wrote it.

                          If I operate a website, and I encourage the people who frequent my site to purchase products from Amazon, do I have a “relationship” with them because they’ve come to my site? How else would people ever see and use my Amazon link(s)?

                          If an Amazon customer service representative would have simply answered my question, and told me that I could only earn fees via strangers with whom I had absolutely no connection, I would have accepted that. I would have found it laughable, but I wouldn’t have been angry.

                          What seems to be the case here is that Amazon hopes I keep a widget on my site and that I actively encourage people to buy products off of Amazon in the hopes that they can possibly help me earn fees. In reality, Amazon gets some excellent directed business off of these people, but then determines they are in a “relationship” with me, and does not pay me anything. Customer service representatives will point to links that outline the agreements and rules, while never actually saying this overtly. I will keep blindly hoping that one day, someone will come along who will be a “legitimate stranger” to me and I’ll get a few pennies directed at me. And meanwhile, everyone on my site will keep purchasing off of Amazon. It’s a pretty brilliant scheme.”

                          If you have any questions, feel free to ask! πŸ˜€

                          But really, they are Moriarty, and I’m the Reichenbach Falls.
                          Buh bye!

                          Bombs Away!

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                            Woooooof this is some sneaky, shady business. No thanks, creeps!

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