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A Modest Postmortem of GridLOCK DC 2015 -
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A Modest Postmortem of GridLOCK DC 2015

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      Le Chat Noir

          Dear friends, I survived GridLOCK DC 2015! In this post, I am going to attempt to review the experience, from soup to nuts, as far as I can. I
        [See the full post at: A Modest Postmortem of GridLOCK DC 2015]

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          I basically agree with everything Chat said here. I felt so privileged being on panels with so many amazing people. The Shakespeare panel was the absolute best panel I have ever done at any convention. My mind was blown. The enthusiasm of the audience was palpable; I was really freaked out at first to see SO MANY PEOPLE sitting in front of me and then it went beyond my wildest expectations. Abby (queerwatson) was so so good. Every panel we attended was really fantastic. At the risk of sounding like an old fogey, it really thrills me to see so many young people, especially young women, at an event like this.

          I can’t say enough great things about Lynne (Meirigal) either. I need to see Mr. Holmes again, because while I adored much of it, Chat and I have completely opposite opinions on it and Lynne helped us look at it in another perspective that I hadn’t really thought of either. We tried not to give spoilers for the book and I think we mostly succeeded. I have never met someone who adores Sir Ian McKellen as much as she does and it was fantastic. I have a great passion for talking about creative people who have influenced my life (*cough Lee cough*) and I recognized much of that in her. Bless these lovely people for enriching our lives.

          I absolutely agree that Gridlock could grow into a even more wonderful con. I too, was not prepared for so much Sherlock. I was very disappointed when a panel I had been told I was doing was cancelled; once we arrived and there was nothing scheduled in that spot at all, I was perplexed. I was also extremely perplexed that nothing about Elementary was scheduled and it was only because something else was cancelled that they made room. I overheard multiple con-goers upset that there was nothing with Elementary, so I was thrilled that they did fit it in, and it was FANTASTIC. There seemed to be plenty of space and loads of interest in the non-Sherlock panels, so this was confusing. I didn’t understand why there were two panels on the movie Kingsman and one on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but nothing about say, Basil Rathbone, or a general Arthur Conan Doyle panel. However, I thought the con organizers, workers, and volunteers were AMAZING. It’s so hard to put on an event like this and that they have done so much in only two years is astonishing.

          I have nothing bad to say about any of the very, very enthusiastic Sherlock fans – the cosplayers were all incredibly nice and willing to explain what their costumes were, the panels all seemed well-attended and you could hear uproarious laughter coming from those rooms for most of the day. The vendors’ room could certainly have been more diversified, but the level of talent on display was mind-boggling. I do not have an artistic bone in my body, so I envy those who can create fanart of this caliber. I got a keychain and a pin from Amyzen on Tumblr . (Amy please do Joan next! hehe)

          I was really struggling with a lot of the in-jokes and Tumblr references – I have found that this is a part of “fandom” that doesn’t really appeal to me, but each person has their favorite parts and things they dislike, so everybody do you and have a blast. I do hope that next year there is a bit more diversity in the subjects presented at panels. I know I submitted something like 10 or 15, and I was absolutely thrilled that the con committee not only picked some of my panels, but allowed me to present on them, too. If we want that diversity we all need to submit panel ideas for next year (I’ve already got like 6 or 8!) and perhaps the con will develop a larger identity for diversity in Sherlock Holmes subjects. I’d love to see this con grow and grow and I think it can really do that, with support from all of us.

          If you did attend, Gridlock has a survey online you can fill out to give them feedback. I found this really great and I especially liked their questions about whether or not they should host a Friday night event. While the Black Cat Burlesque was a lot of fun, the outing was a little unorganized and it was…an adventure to get there. (I will spare you the photo of my still-bleeding feet). I would love to see something like a dinner or even a couple of events at the hotel itself. This Hyatt was a great place to host the con and I hope they pick it again next year.

          Overall I had a blast at this con and I look forward to attending next year. I think with time and support from their already enthusiastic fans and con comm, this could be one of the best, most diverse Sherlock Holmes events around.

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