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David Arquette starring in new Sherlock Holmes Play!

Yes, you read that title right! It seems a little odd, but David Arquette of Scream fame, and a member of Hollywood’s enduring Arquette family (Patricia, Rosanna, etc.), is doing a new comedic Sherlock Holmes play!

from the play’s official website:

Thrilling, humorous, full of head-scratching crimes and dazzling deduction in the face of cunning evil

SHERLOCK HOLMES takes theatregoers on a heart-stopping adventure through the opium dens, the muddy docklands and the gritty backstreets of London during the turn of the century, a time of great social and technological change.

The opium wars have ended. The Ripper has wreaked his havoc. Electricity is on the rise and Scotland Yard is in its infancy. Lord Neville St. John gives a moving speech in the House of Lords to ban opium and a vote on the matter is imminent. Meanwhile, Professor James Moriarty, notorious criminal kingpin, plots to thwart the upcoming opium vote. When a drowned body is discovered, and Lord Neville goes missing, Scotland Yard turns to “the world’s only consulting detective” and newest resident of 221-B Baker Street: a certain Mr. Sherlock Holmes.”

“I am beyond excited to play one of the most loved characters in all literature, stage and screen, Sherlock Holmes,” said Arquette. “Some may think I’m an odd choice. I am. I’m odd, but thankfully so is he.”


Well, he’s not wrong!! Another news story:

‘Huge fan’ David Arquette to play Sherlock Holmes on Chicago stage

The dates have extended to include Toronto, LA, and Washington, DC.

What do you think? Are you excited about a Sherlock Holmes comedy? Is Arquette the right man for the job?


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