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Once upon a time, in 2003, Le Chat Noir was searching the Internet, desperate for a message board or forum where she could discuss her hot ideas about Sherlock Holmes with other like-minded folks. She wanted a site that covered the ACD canon as well as pastiches, movies, television and radio productions. And she wanted everyone to be treated respectfully.

When she couldn’t find the type of site she craved, she created

In 2011, was merciless attacked by ruthless hackers, and died a very sad death.

In 2015, Art in the Blood was born in its stead.

The philosophy of AitB is that the members have one phenomenal thing in common: We love Sherlock Holmes! AitB does not privilege any iteration of Holmes over the other. This is not a subfandom-specific Web site. We wanted to create a safe place to discuss all things Sherlock Holmes and the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

The beautiful artwork that graces the banner was created by the exceptional Vernet of HN.

Art in the Blood is the brainchild of Chat (an English professor and freelance writer), and run by ScarletSherlock (a librarian and Holmes fanatic) and her. Both are owned by cats (Sabrina and Elanor, respectively). One day soon, each will be forced to rent external storage lockers to handle the amount of Holmesian odds and ends they’ve amassed in the last billion years.